Beneath My Feet

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If you'd like to be beneath my feet, call me 9 AM till 8 PM Eastern time, 410 719-9026.

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Wouldn't you like to kneel before me and give my lovely feet a little taste? 

legs01.jpg (27761 bytes) Hi, I've been told by some of my foot slaves that I have the world's most edible feet. 

I'm the Dragon Lady, Princess Lynne, and I just love foot slaves.  Most of my mistress friends also enjoy foot slaves.  I think it's because we tend to wear all those fetish shoes and boots.  

In my opinion, there's nothing like a slave's tongue to massage my feet and make them feel ever so much better when they are all hot and tired from a long day of torturing slaves.

I offer in-person sessions, telephone training, and the opportunity to purchase used foot apparel: stockings, socks and shoes.


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Princess Lynne      
The Foot Mistress    
410 719-9026       
 Baltimore, Maryland   


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Ask me about my new monthly party group, Women Rule, for dominant women and the people who serve us.


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Bare Feet






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Phone & E-mail Training Sessions
For phone training sessions, send: $40 per 15 minutes.
Call me for details, 410 719-9026,  9 AM till 8 PM Eastern time.

Last updated 03/31/17.  Copyright 2002-2017 by Dragon Ladies Limited, all rights reserved.  Paul Kaller photos used by permission.

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Wouldn't you like to see more of her?


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